Division of Clinical Immunology

Clinical Immunology

Division of Clinical Immunology was established within the Department of Pathology, University of Hong Kong in 1976. The laboratory handles immunochemistry, autoantibody detection, allergy, flow cytometry, various cell function and molecular assays for immunology diagnostics. It is the only centre in Hong Kong that is accredited by HKCPath and RCPA for training in immunopathology.

Our Vision

To be a leading immunology laboratory with a comprehensive diagnostic service and an active research programme that can cater and drive advancement in medical care.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive immunological service to patients of Queen Mary Hospital; to perform complex, specialist clinical immunology evaluations for the whole of Hong Kong; to act as the quaternary centre in providing a range of tests and clinical interpretations that are not available elsewhere in Hong Kong; and to provide a suitable training site for students, technicians, scientists and physicians for learning immunological concepts and methods.

Our Service

Division of Clinical Immunology provides a wide range of laboratory tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, allergy and monoclonal gammopathy. The division is organized into five main sections: (1) serology laboratory for detecting and quantitating autoantibodies; (2) Immunochemistry section for assessing immunoglobulins profiles, tumour markers, cryoglobulin and monoclonal gammopathy; (3) cell function laboratory for quantitating lymphocytes subsets, assessing immune cell functions; (4) molecular section for investigating the genetic aspects of immune functions; and (5) allergy laboratory for providing diagnostic tests for drug allergies. The division also provides service to other hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong and for the nearby regions. In 2017, approximately 220,000 specimens were received and over 396,000 tests were performed.

In recent years, we have focused our service development on allergy, neuroimmunology and molecular diagnostics. In collaboration with the Department of Medicine, we have established the Hospital Authority’s first drug allergy clinic, providing consultations and follow-up allergy test services such as skin tests. The clinic service is expanding gradually and now includes assessment of allergy cases besides drug allergies and immunodeficiency case work-ups.