Division of Chemical Pathology

Chemical Pathology

Originally established in 1982 as the Clinical Biochemistry Unit within the Hospital Pathology Service of The University of Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital (QMH), it became the Department of Clinical Biochemistry when the Hospital Authority took over the administration of the Hospital Pathology Service in 1994 and underwent further administrative restructuring in December 1997 when it was merged with the Department of Pathology. It then became the Division of Chemical Pathology, amongst the five Divisions, within the re-titled Department of Pathology of the hospital in 2018.

Our Vision

To provide high quality and timely laboratory service through competent laboratory professionals and the application of state-of-the-art and advanced technologies in analyzing clinical samples.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate, precise and timely laboratory service on a wide spectrum of essential and sophisticated biochemical and molecular tests to facilitate clinicians in making diagnosis, deciding therapeutic regimen and monitoring treatment response in patients.

Our Service

The Division of Chemical Pathology provides a comprehensive biochemical laboratory service to QMH and hospitals of the Hong Kong West Cluster (HKWC) of the Hospital Authority, as well as other healthcare institutions territory-wide. Consultation and laboratory testing support have also extended to Macau SAR since 1993. The Division, located in LG1 and LG2 of Block K, handles over 4000 patient samples daily. The workload has increased substantially since its taking over of the laboratory services for the General and Specialist Out-patient Clinics of the HKWC in recent years under the administrative directive of the Hospital Authority. The Division is organized into eight major laboratory sections: 1) General Chemistry*, 2) Paediatric Chemistry*, 3) STAT*, 4) Endocrinology/Hormone, 5) Special Chemistry/Lipidology, 6) Automatic Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 7) Toxicology & Inherited Metabolic Diseases, and 8) Molecular Diagnostic Section. Senior staffs of the Division also participate in teaching of medical and science undergraduates in various universities, and supervise postgraduate students studying for higher degrees.

The Division strives to cope with the surging workload through continuous re-engineering of the operational logistics, wider application of laboratory informatics and computerization and, mostly importantly, total commitment of the staff members. Apart from on-site laboratory service, the Division also performs a pivotal role in setting and upholding the quality and standard of point of care testing (POCT) at the HKWC. In line with international Good Laboratory Practice, the Division, together with other Divisions of the Department acquired full accreditation status from the College of American Pathologists since 2002.

* 24 hour service