Division of Haematology


The Division of Haematology is one of the earliest subspecialised division in haematopathology in Hong Kong. It endeavours to provide state of the art laboratory diagnostic service, train medical, scientific and technical personnels in the territory and contribute to translational research in haematology and transfusion science.

Our Vision

To be a leading haematology and transfusion laboratory in the region with a comprehensive diagnostic service and an active research programme that can cater for and drive the advancement in medical care.

Our Mission

To offer the best possible care to our patients through provision of a quality laboratory service.

Our Service

The Division of Haematology provides a comprehensive diagnostic and consultative service to the Hong Kong West Cluster, the territory of Hong Kong and its neighbouring areas (e.g. Macau and Shenzhen). Its scope spans basic diagnostic testing, e.g. round-the-clock service for complete blood count, clotting profile (PT/APTT), malaria screening, pre-transfusion testing, etc., to more sophisticated tests, e.g. multicolour flow cytometry, cytogenetics and genomic studies. The number of these latter tests constitutes the largest volume amongst all hospitals in Hong Kong. To capitalise and further on the prestigious position and tradition of haematological practice in Queen Mary Hospital, the division aspires to contribute to translational research that can guide clinical practice, especially in the fields of inherited red cell disorders (e.g. haemoglobinopathy), neoplastic haematology, cytogenetics, genomic and transfusion science, and lead quality haematopathology practice in Hong Kong.