Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

In the early years, the medical care for sick children in Queen Mary Hospital and Hong Kong was provided by the Department of Medicine in the “Children’s Wing”, with input from Paediatricians who received training from overseas. It was not until year 1962, when Professor C Elaine Field was appointed as the first Chair Professor in Paediatrics that Paediatrics and Child Health evolved to become an independent specialty. The Department of Paediatrics was formally established in 1964, and the service has been further developed in the past five decades, including general paediatrics, cardiology, community child health, endocrinology/ metabolic diseases, gastroenterology, genetics, haematology/ oncology, immunology/ rheumatology/ infectious diseases/ allergy, neonatology, neonatal/ paediatric intensive care, nephrology, neurology/ developmental paediatrics/ neurohabilitation and respirology.

Our Vision and Mission

We endeavour to:

  • provide high-quality children-centred health care services to the community
  • train/nurture graduates, postgraduates and paediatricians of distinction, committed to lifelong learning, integrity and professionalism
  • engage in both innovative and high-impact basic and clinical research work, within and across disciplines
  • form alliance and partnership in order to achieve our vision and mission

Our Services

Clinical Sub-specialties

  • general paediatrics
  • cardiology
  • community child health
  • endorcrinology/ metabolic diseases
  • gastroenterology
  • genetics
  • haematology/oncology
  • immunology/rheumatology/infectious diseases/allergy
  • neonatology
  • neonatal/paediatric intensive care
  • nephrology
  • neurology/developmental paediatrics/neurohabilitation
  • respirology

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