Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare

Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare Department (FM&PHC), of the Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) is responsible for the operation, management and development of primary care services including General Outpatient Clinics (GOPCs), Family Medicine Specialist Clinics (FMSCs) and Nurse Led Clinics in Central & Western and Southern Districts. There are altogether 6 GOPCs where 2 FMSCs are collocated. The staff clinic of Hong Kong West Cluster (HKWC) located on 1/F of Main Block, QMH is also run by our Department. It aims to serve Hospital Authority (HA) staff and their eligible dependents.

Our Mission

After the transfer of GOPCs from Department of Health to HA in 2003, the GOPCs in HKWC have been transformed from traditional disease based patient care to multidisciplinary approach care, collaborating closely with other specialties in hospitals and other community partners to provide a more holistic and coordinated care in primary care settings for patients with chronic and episodic illnesses. Our Department exploits the concept of Family Medicine to face challenges posed by population ageing in Hong Kong. The scope of services stresses on patients’ disease prevention, health promotion, as well as individual patients’ care planning including complication screening of chronic diseases.

Our Special Services

On top of our core services of GOPC to provide first contact doctor consultations and FMSC to handle more complicated patients from various Specialties under the concept of Family Medicine, our department is also providing the following special services.

Risk Assessment & Management Clinics (RAMP)

The first RAMP clinic which is located in Tsan Yuk Hospital had commenced operation in 2010. The second RAMP clinic is in Aberdeen Jockey Club Clinic and began operation in 2013. These clinics provide a pleasant and cozy environment for comprehensive assessment and holistic care of patients with chronic diseases through multidisciplinary approach.

Nurse and Allied Health Programme (NAHC)

NAHC in Tsan Yuk Hospital had commenced operation in 2013 to provide health assessment and health education. It also provides comprehensive and one-stop services for GOPC patients who have multiple health problems. We aim at tackling those health problems in earlier stage through our nurse and allied health team to slow down diseases progression and prevent complications.

Staff Clinic and Health Centre

The staff clinic of HKWC incorporates the Family Medicine concept in the care for HA colleagues and their family. Aside from the ordinary treatment services, the on-site health centre is also developed for health promotion and disease prevention since 2015.